About Me And My Photography


About Me
Welcome! My name is Lesley. I'm an army brat, army wife, and mother to one of the sweetest little girls I know (could be a bit biased though!). We moved to the El Paso area in May of 2012 and are loving it thus far!

I have always had a love for photography and in 2009 I got my first D-SLR (fancy camera :oP) and have not stopped clicking the poor thing since.

Aside from photography I danced ballet for 15 years and have a love for puzzles and math. I have two sweet cats, love animals, but squeal like a girl when encountering spiders and roaches (don't worry, I can keep it together in front of people :oP). I am also a lover of smiley faces and sticking out tongue faces and exclamation marks! I love to have fun and make people smile!

My Hopes as Your Photographer
My goals are to become your professional, natural light, lifestyle photographer and help you by capturing moments you wish to never forget. Lifestyle photography is you just being you, with maybe a few poses images, but for the most part I want to capture your candid interactions and love for one another! <3

I would love to photograph your family, engagement photos, children milestones, anniversary images, maternity, and newborn images (please keep in mind that I can only offer lifestyle newborn images, not the kind that are posed on a blanket or in a basin). I can offer all sorts of patience if you have a special needs child that you have been wanting to get images of but been putting off (I will just require a few meetings before hand so you, your child, and I am comfortable with one another).

I also will always offer discounted rates to our heroes in uniform and their families because without them I would NOT have the freedom to do something I love (this does include law enforcement and fire fighters).

Why Custom Photography
Times are tough right now and wanting to get the most bang for your buck is important. I can guarantee you that what you will receive is quality images. Custom Photography is not about mass producing like Walmart or Sears but going through each image and hand editing every one of them and creating beautiful art to hang on your walls. This link helps explain where all the time goes! :o)

Contacting Me
For initial contact please email me!

Legal Stuff :o)
All of my images are copyrighted and belong to my family and me. Please leave a comment with your email address if you would like permission to use any images you see on here!

Client images are also copyrighted so please do not save, copy, alter, or crop my images. Trust me, I did not understand how taking an image from the web and cropping and using for my own person hurt the creator of that image until I got into photography and put the time and effort into editing every image. There is a rather lengthy process that I love doing but I also put value on; value that is stolen when the image is stolen (intentional or not), time that could have been spent playing with my daughter instead of having her in day care to perform my job. <3