Monday, January 31, 2011

“If you're hanging around with nothing to do and the zoo is closed, come over to the Senate. You'll get the same kind of feeling and you won't have to pay.” Bob Dole

 My mom, sister and I went to the zoo the other day. It was a wonderful day and we got to check out the new Madagascar exhibit which is where this photo, and beginning of the following photos, were taken from. I've never really seen a lizard thingy like this that was this colorful in real life so I had a lot of fun shooting him. He even got up and was walking like he was posing. So I hope you enjoy my favorites from that day!

 his pensive pose

 then the 'look at me, i'm a stud' pose

 i cant remember what these were called but they were so fun to watch. A more artistic view of them, well their feet.

 My mom has a cat that licks bricks, this reminded me so much of that :oP

 probably yelling at the guy whose spot he stole telling him to get over it :oP

 Ice formations.

 so peaceful... until they wake up...

 the cave section of the zoo...

 I dont like snakes, but this one was green, even though i made it black and white. There was a blue light cast over them so it was hard get that to show properly.

 The butterfly exhibit. Lunch time!

 The free roaming peacocks

 One long tongue.

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