Sunday, January 23, 2011

“Kindness is like snow - it beautifies everything it covers” - Unknown

 So after the first major snow storm I was antsy to get some snow photography in. But I wasnt smart enough to know when enough is enough. In the picture above you see this path leading all the way down to Boys Town Lake. The snow was a good six inches deep and I was not really dressed appropriately for the 10mph+ wind that was kitting me. But I was determined to get some good pictures. Well after I finally made it back to my mom's car in severe pain from the cold and extra weight from my pregnancy I looked over the pics I took and felt it was a waste :o( But since I went through so much pain to get something I am posting those pics that are alright enough for people to see.

 I do have a thing for locks and with the sparkling snow in the background thought this would come out nicely. Not too sure if i really like the composition of this.

 This I will have to say is my favorite. The tree is still reflected on the lake even though it's frozen and snow covered.

 I'd say stupid wind because I abhor the wind (breezes are alright) but it did provide a cool texture to the snow.

 Another shot of these boys, but with snow hats!

This church is gorgeous!! can probably tell this was taken in the car; I was not getting out again!

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