Monday, May 16, 2011

A bit of a new concept on my blog

I am simmering down my time on Facebook to focus more on my blog here and my photography. It's amazing what Facebook has become to me, i find myself living my life and when something happens I immediately think 'ah i need to post this on facebook!' I kinda felt this was a dangerous slippery slope i was on with this weird dependency on the website and not focusing more on my daughter. It might seem contradictory to get off Facebook and jump more to blogspot but I do have an obligation to keeping family and friends updated with my beautiful daughter's life :o)

More zoey and i on M day
As a first time mother I am on this incredible adventure with a creature that is the perfect mix of my husband and I. She smiles at me in the morning and it just starts my day off on the best note. And while i have my less than graceful moments of motherhood i feel like i am doing a wonderful job with the help of my and my husband's family.

Zoey Smiles
smiley in green
Zoey has been a smiley little girl lately. She loves getting her diaper changed and will smile like crazy afterwards! Lately while feeding she's discovered that she can look up at me and when she sees my smile she tries to smile while eating, it's just too precious. I love her smile, as her Nana pointed out, she smiles with her whole face and usually her whole body also. Her eyes go to a crescent moon shape, her nose crinkles, and of course her mouth smiles and usually she does the smile with her tongue sticking out a bit. I just love it.

Waking up with Zoey
I love being a mom
I just love waking up and seeing her beautiful face next to me. She sticks her head way in the air with her legs curled up and butt sticking out in the morning as one of her wake up positions. She gradually stretches into different positions and eventually ends up opening her eyes and smiling. It's just a wonderful!

These are just a couple things about being a mom that i love and wanted to share. I have tons of photos that i have been accumulating for a couple weeks now! And new ideas on the floor scenery project are in the works!

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