Monday, June 13, 2011


Near my mom's house, on the route we go on our walks, there is a little walkway with all these beautiful flowers growing on a fence; The perfect inspiration for a photoshoot after months of nothing besides my beautiful angel (but there are only so many baby photos I can post, right?) :oP So here are a few I took with a few new techniques I have finally had the chance to work on!

This was rather a happy accident. While in photoshop I accidentally copied an image on top of another and the bottom image framed it perfectly! so I saved it :o)

The groupings of the dark and light colored Clematises (sp?).

A few weeks ago, after my trip to Georgia I was looking up ways to border or, as I learned the proper term, frame my images because I took some family shots i wanted to finish with a nice border/frame. I found one easy frame but i was still having difficulty using it. So while I was buying magazines for my husband at Barnes and Nobles for a book fair that benefited my old dance studio, WCB, I decided to check out the photography section. I finally found an easier way to border my photos, which also made grouping (like above) a few together SO much easier. As a soon to be and, eventually, new mother I didn't have time to do the process I had done months ago. And with those groupings it means less images to load on your computer! I hate having to upload so many pictures that could bog down the pages' loading speed. A total win-win! So coupling that with my happy accident from above I was able to create this fine (if i dont say so myself) masterpiece! :oP I love learning, and really love learning techniques that are quick and easy. Luckily my subjects in this post were so beautiful it made photographing them easy and reduced the edit work! Yaiyee!

These fuchsia Clematises were kinda late bloomers but isnt that color beautiful!?!? Used a watercolor filter on the bottom image to darken a bit so the top image popped more.

Blurs are always a good fall back for this kind of framing :o)

This honeysuckle bush was so awesome, if you cant tell from this shot! I was just snapping away from different angles and mom pointed out how perfectly centered the blooms were with their corresponding leaves! So awesome, I love this cluster pic. And then did a radial blur for the bottom, framing image

One single full bloom on this one!

Sometimes I am so engrossed in the individual picture that I never see the overall effect. Mom again had to point out that how I put this together almost looks like two eyes, a nose and a smiley mouth! haha. I think for this grouping I did the watercolor effect on all the bottom, framing images.

This was a diagonal motion blur for the bottom, framing image. I think one of my favorite techniques to do for the framing image.

I couldnt get the color of this peony to work properly so black and white it is! And it sure does look pretty that way also! Also another radial blur.

I just adore lilac (both the color and flower), but couple the color with green and you get one of my favorite combination. Though how can you really screw up coupling green with any color? :o) This I did the Ocean Ripple effect on the bottom, framing image.

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