Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Somewhere In Time

Somewhere In Time with Christopher Reeve is one of my favorite movies and being in St. Joseph, MI for a few days really felt like we were apart of that world. I could just imagine Rachmaninoff's Theme on Paganini 18th Variation playing as we walked on the beach and along the 'pier' (for lack of a better word). Granted the movie was filmed at Mackinac Island, MI so I was in the same state but a little bit further south. The island is incredible because no cars are allowed so it's bikes, horse drawn carriages, and walking! I love the idea that if you stay at the Grand Hotel you must dress nicely after 5pm. My husband promised to take me someday for at least 2 nights! Now that I have witnesses he cant wiggle his way out! :oP

Well anyway to try to protect Zoey from the sun we used my umbrella my mom got me as a congrats after I set Collage on some of the girls for Omaha Dance Project and walked around the town with it covering Zoey up. I wanted a picture of Zoey with the lighthouse so here is one of the results, which is one of my favs!


  1. I remember watching that movie with you! Lovely picture and sounds like it was a great trip. It makes me miss you, friend