Friday, August 26, 2011

My hubby took my to two of my favorite parks today so I could shoot some pictures. Well I've shot all the pictures you can at these two places... except with my baby in them! Okie well there are a couple pictures I took without her but for the most part I was excited to get pictures of my darling amongst nature finally. She fits in perfectly out there and I look forward (and dread at the same time) to when she can walk... and sit up (yes my husband's arm is cropped out of all the photos below)! But for now I am excited to start somewhere with her and just photo-journal her stages of getting bigger and growing up!


What a beautiful face!

I have a thing for locks... and gritty images

She has a bit of an Alfred Hitchcock profile (minus the nose) but I wouldnt want my baby fat cheeks any other way!

I love this last shot of her. She loves to bend, like, 90 degrees to the left or right when you're holding her in your arms. And she will fall asleep like that! Not too sure if it's good for her to sleep in such a weird position but she seems happy so I guess I'm not too concerned since it doesn't happen too often :o)

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