Monday, August 15, 2011

tennessee bugs

Okay so this was a bit of a funny story, well if you know me the mental picture is funny. My husband had gone out to weight in for his tournament early and when we woke he wanted to meet us at Ihop for breakfast since he could finally eat again! So i opened the door with baby in arm and diaper bag on the other shoulder and panicked when I saw this 2+ inch creature right in front of our door! I shut the door and took a few deep breathes and then ran for my camera and macro lens. Hey, I couldn't pass up taking a picture of some creature that was a beautiful shade of green! So I put my big girl panties on and took a couple pictures of the creature. The first shot was from the comfort of my apt. The one below I managed to step over him and get from the stairs (thank you 105mm lens so I could stay a good distance away!). After I was done being brave I cowered behind the door while i took a piece of cardboard from the move and shuffled it further away. I grabbed my baby and ran past it fast as I could! But in spite of it freaking me out first thing in the morning it is a rather beautiful insect!

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