Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cheekwood Botanical Park

This past weekend my husband, his parents, Zoey and I went to Cheekwood Botanical Gardens in Nashville, TN. It was beautiful. There were rolling lawns like this park my mom used to take us to in Mannheim, Germany called Luisenpark where I spent the day after my first communion. So needless to say it brought back wonderful memories, memories I was happy to start forming with my daughter through tons of pictures! :o) 

Also for this entry almost all the pictures I used Jessica Drossin's Textures, Illuminations Pack 2 and of course Olive Juice Shoppe's Presets. Both provide free samples to take their products for a test spin and completely sold me! I love the extra little something they both provide!

I've been playing Zelda: Ocarina of Time lately with the 3DS (it's awesome!) so naturally a beautiful flower that has three leaves is going to remind me of the triforce! :oP

I love architecture like on this well

I couldnt believe when I checked this one out on my camera how the sunshine almost appears to be a cross through the hole in the heart shaped portion of the metal. <3

Almost fall

Something about this shot brought back memories of my late ballet teacher Ms. Kay and my time with WCB and in Washington State. So with the Jessica Drossin textures I used one called depression glass because Ms. Kay used to collect depression glass.

Okay so this was a test shot but i have an affinity for forest paths.

And sometimes the simple abstract art I like.

Oh autumn, how I adore thee!

My hubby and his dad were coming up with names for all the sculptures. This one was something about chair with harp strings but I think I prefer my hubby and dad2's title: highchairs :oP

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