Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pieced Sunset


This image is not pieced together perfectly by any means. If you cant tell, I have a bit of a sunset addiction. This one in particular reminds me of a lyric from Rocky Horror Picture Show:

"There's a light... In the darkness of everybody's life"

The light, in it's final attempts, shows off the beauty the sky and clouds have to offer, all the while those darker clouds are still in the foreground to remind us of it's ominous presence. But to mirror the imperfection of the piecing together, our lives are not perfect but like the image above, when we shine our light on darkness you can see the power our beauty has on the world. I try to spread positivity where I go; I am not always perfect and darkness tries its best to infiltrate my life but I choose to see the good, the positivity, the light inside all of us and in the world.

I'm not the best with words so I hope the image above speaks for itself <3


And another version with a more vintage preset looks to it :o)


  1. You have made me smile, through your photography and your words. I actually love the first pieced together one best. Thank you! glOria

  2. aw thank you! i love that one too! :o)