Saturday, October 29, 2011

Summer-like Autumn Day

Warning: If you are sick of baby pictures, this entry isnt for you :oP This entry may take a while to load, I have issues dwindling down which images to use because they all has such subtle little nuances that I feel like I'm ripping you all off by not posting them. Also if you click on the image you can go through them that way (granted you are on a desktop) :o)

Zoey and I went to Billy Dunlop Park for some fall pictures (again, i know) ;oP Last time I was here was after the flood 1.5 years ago and rather depressing. But I hoped in the year that I was gone things would get back to normal. Well not quite there but still had beautiful fall colors I could take advantage of with minimal buggy-ness :oP And after entering a few giveaways/contests I was inspired to work on my natural light photography. I got the sun at the perfect time! <3 We had a lot of fun and she enjoyed getting into the leaves. :o)

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I also received the new Olive Juice Shoppe Wildflowers collection that I used on all these photos, along with the Jessica Drossin Textures on a few images. (Both vendors links are below)

I discovered a box of goodies from my baby/childhood that included a few things from my siblings' childhoods. I think this quilt was my brother's from '78 so I really felt the need for it to be included with it's perfect fall-ish colors :o)

The black and white version from the first image

The process of collecting leaves



She gets everything she wants with that smile!

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  1. Thank you, and I love looking at your photo's. What a joy!