Sunday, December 18, 2011

Start of the Season!

I love the Christmas season! Always have! It's so magical to me. So this year I am so blessed to: 1. have our Christmas decorations! and 2. to experience it with my new little girl and that my hubby is home with us on her first Christmas. I always see all these inspiring Christmas images on photography websites and strive to create images just as awe-inspiring. Of course most of those images involve children so this year I'm grateful for my daughter and her cuteness making my Christmas images that much better! She is having so much fun destroying the first and only gift under the tree and taking ornaments I felt were out of the way off the tree and in her mouth :oP

Anyway this is just the beginning of our season (got a late start with teh move and everything is just now coming together) and the only images I have thus far so stay tuned for more! <3

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