Sunday, January 29, 2012

The End Of Another Week

A view towards Tombstone from my vantage point. I still can't believe how gorgeous the clouds were that evening!

That cloud on the right side made me think of something from the Jetsons :oP

I took these images a week ago, along with the cloud/sunset images a couple blog entries below but I have been piecing them together to give you a more complete picture of the beauty Sierra Vista has to offer.

It feels like I took these so long ago. The week has been eventful, physically and emotionally. One of the emotionally bittersweet moments was when I finally filed my claim from all my childhood things being destroyed in our move. The end of something is always hard but I'm happy I can put all that behind me now and move on!

But my highs from the week were wonderful and I hope you dont mind me sharing them with you! evoking you asked for texture images on their facebook page and actually featured one of my images! (sad thing is if I dont wear my glasses or contacts my image is actually how I see the world! :oP) And to go along with that someone discovered my image from the 'imagine' week blog hop with evoking you's Project 52 and pinned it on pinterest! Sure another photographer from that week was tagged in the caption but one beautiful thing about pinterest is that it links to the original website where the image came from so I'm not upset about that. Both of these things brought tears to my eyes as I'm just a small time hobbyist photographer who enjoys capturing the beauty the world has to offer.

I'm am beyond flattered and humbled that so many have taken in the family portrait and want to create something similar to represent their families! It's incredibly difficult for me to be creative sometimes as that is not where my strengths are. I am the literal, mathematical, science-y person. Interpreting all art media mostly escapes me hence my creative thinking isn't as strong as many other artsy people. I dont see this as a vice though, we all have different strengths and that's what makes art and the world so amazing. But through all these projects and contests I'm pushing myself and my photography :o) I know the baby with the feet idea isn't original, it's been done everywhere. But I hope you see my spin on it with dressing the parents' feet up with what their identifiers are and then dressing my daughter up with a mix of the two as unique. I am quite proud of that image and what it represents to my family and me :o)

I hope one day to be able to provide portraits to military families at a low cost they can afford. Something I have learned from my mom is that if you are able to give and have the talent to then that is something you should do. So I hope in the near future that is a service I can provide and continue to provide :o)

Thank you to those that read my humdrum little blog and continue to support me! You really have no idea what it means to me. It's what keeps me going. :o)

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