Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Saturday Evening Walks

Last Saturday I dragged my cute little daughter to the parking lot on the top of a hill to get some photos of the sunset touching the beautiful mountains we live near and the desert lands in between. Fortunately the clouds were amazing! Unfortunately it was really windy so it got cold real quick for my daughter and I, and we ended up sitting in the car waiting for the colors of the sunset to burst on the landscape.

This is just a taste of the clouds from that evening. I have more images that I took to piece together that I'm still working on to show a panaroma.

And this cloud must be because someone knows I miss the water :o)

Another wonderful aspect to living in the desert are the trees. Their shapes are beautiful!

I have seen a bit of a trend with out of focus images and wanted to take a shot at a few. I love how this tree turned out with the sun setting right behind it.

These two, if you can't tell are taken from the same spot just a different focus. I love turning the bokeh into the subject of the photo.

We miss out on the sunset with the mountains in the way so the only way to see it is by the light's reflection on clouds in the sky. Most of the clouds had passed by by the time the colors of the sunset presented themselves for the day but these remaining clouds satisfied my craving for color :o)

The street lights in front of the colonel housing started turning on as we headed home. With the clouds, made for one happy me :o)

This last one is similar to another one above but I like this one for the mostly parallel lines (er curves). Just a nice, dark, moody silhouette to end my entry.

Starting now I hope to present you with more entries that don't seem so thrown together. I am mostly giving up facebook (except to view a vendor/photography list I have created to keep in touch for a potential business in the future) because I feel it has become an addiction taking time away from my daughter and husband. Juggling blogging, facebooking, photographing, and editing has just become a little too much. So I am hoping to get more into individual emails to communication and even, wait for it, write letters and cards to my family and friends (I know, *gasp* how archaic). :oP Along with that kind of communication this is more of a platform in which I'd like to tell stories and present my photographs anyway so I hope this little change will be a positive one for my family and for you, my wonderful reader!

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