Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Sweetest Sound

Above is my photo for week 2 of the Evoking You 52 Week Project. The theme is "Belly Laugh." I had a couple images, from 1or 2 days before I found out the theme, of my little girl laughing but felt new photos would be a fun little project for my husband and I. Full story with pictures after the blog hop and jump :o)

We at first tried to get pictures of my daughter and I with me trying to make her laugh. And we were successful! I had fun holding her and doing the 'dropping' thing she loves. Which eventually turned into a fully assisted back flip on the ground.

She loved the first two times of me doing that and then came the lower lip, quickly followed by the scream and tears. My poor angel. Nothing a little parental consoling couldn't cure though.

To get back at me she decided to take advantage of this new obstacle on the ground and crawl all over me. There are a few embarassing outtakes that my husband so brilliantly captured that I am choosing to keep to myself, but lets just say she knows exactly where to put her hand, with all her body weight, that just pains me so much!

Since our little angel came along, cuddling time with mommie is very limited for the kitties, so whenever I am on the ground Mollie cuddles. And she puts up with baby trying to do her little cuddling next to me yet on top of Mollie. Mollie really handles it like a champ, she's been amazing. I seriously did not think she'd have the patience for Zoey but she does and I'm so grateful. (hehe if you look close enough you can see me peeking through).

Now if Zoey could take pictures she could have gotten some amazing shots of her daddy and I laughing. As you can see from above, his timing with our facial expressions (well Zoey in these, for my pride's sake I'm not posting the ones of me:oP) was comical. She was not fussy at all at this point but she definitely looks like she is! Ah transition faces! Needless to say, I took the camera back in search of a Zoey belly laugh picture.

Her daddy did airplane with her and we caught a couple sweet smiles from that.

Some in color, but her hand was blocking her face in many of the pictures.

Then we started getting a little sideways. Zoey actually has had a natural tendency to lean sideways like this while holding her.

  While she likes to play games with her daddy like she doesn't want his attention (well kisses) she really does love it! She has started smacking his face to the side and giggles when he actually flips it away (something she is actually now training me to do she loves it so much). The sound effects he makes too have a sweet little giggle spell on her. So while I wanted a few sweet pictures of my darling and I, her daddy was really the person for the job. And we, I feel, succeeded in that <3

Oh! And to show off my husband's wonderful timing and my horrible faces I make here is one last picture for you. Evoking you does have a theme of 'What Motherhood Looks Like." I feel this is absolutely fitting. It's amazing how embarrassing we will make ourselves just to make our kids happy. I love her so much I'd do anything for her.

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