Saturday, March 17, 2012

Getting Back To What I Once Was

A big part of my childhood, as you may have noticed from previous posts, was ballet. I spent five days a week at the studio after school. It was an exhausting way of life but I loved it, and I loved performing! I have an incredible opportunity to revisit that part of my life and I could not be more thrilled to do it! Getting into shape has been fun with a little Zoey walking through my feet as I try to practice a bit. :oP I am looking forward to dancing again though, I miss it terribly and lost a lot of strength after my pregnancy.

To help out I got a trailer to put Zoey in and go for bike rides! Now that has really pushed me. Maybe it's the extra weight or maybe it's the living at the base of a hill but it's been terribly difficult. I push myself a little more each day though and hopefully I will be a biking maniac with endurance and strength to do all that I used to be able to do!

She does actually enjoy the rides! I think this was a squinting smile coupled with a little impatience of me putting everything away before getting her in the house :o)

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