Sunday, March 18, 2012

A St. Patty's Day Photoshoot

St. Patty's Day is like Christmas for this green obsessed girl! So of course I had to have a little green photoshoot. Zoey got pizza all over her green outfit so onto outfit two! Hence I had to change my top to match her color scheme, just in case you were concerned why I wasn't all over green :oP I was lucky to get these four shots as Zoey only wanted to play with the rocks (which she's lately had a fondness of eating! ugh) and no one at the camera since I used a remote. The focus beep and shutter clicks worked well enough to help wiith a couple good images :oP And then there was the issue of the wind! We are in a winter storm advisory with winds up to 50 mph and possible snow Sunday and Monday. But never fear it's supposed to be 80 on Thursday! :oP I will say though, I finally caught the sun at the perfect time: The Golden Hour! :o)

Ah I'm just rambling. It's late but I wanted to post some pics for the day! Maybe one day I'll do these shoots a couple days ahead so they are actually on time for the holiday :oP

And there's the excitement for more pictures on her face for you!

The End :o)

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