Thursday, April 5, 2012

Home 14/52

This week's theme was Home for the My Four Hens Project 52 and I couldn't think of a more appropriate image than one of my hubby with his daughter right after he got home from deployment. I dont have a stable house to call home, just these two subjects that make my heart beat and make home for me anywhere they are.

So obviously it's not a new image, which I like to do for all these weekly 'assignments,' but I did start from scratch and completely re-edit the image with tools and techniques I've acquired since first posting this image. I feel I've come a long way since this was taken just 8 months ago, and not just in my photography (which I hope shows!), but with myself, my wifey-ness, and my new motherhood status. I've had some bad moments with the post partum depression but I feel all that is finally behind me and I am getting back to the me I used to be <3 I look forward to making a new home in the next couple months :o)

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