Sunday, April 22, 2012

My Muse

I honestly didn't want to take any more pictures this day as I had soooo many I was trying to find time to edit from before Easter and up. But she just got a new hat and romper from Hautelook and looked positively precious and beautiful. And then as I was shooting these pictures she just looked so beautiful and was modeling up a storm, oh my goodness how my heart melted just scanning through my camera. So I have been cutting into my sleep to edit, but I have a rule where I have to go by the FIFO method (accounting talk: first-in, first-out). I was testing out a few new editing techniques here, which I like but I might go back and play some more just to see the different looks I can create. Portrait shots are perfect for finding yourself and style, to me, because there aren't too many variables making all the editing possibilities a little more manageable :o)

When she knocked over my flowers I wanted to photograph I just couldn't believe how gorgeous the moment was. Ah, seriously this kid is ridiculous and makes me so happy. I honestly want to wake her up right now and give her kisses!

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