Sunday, April 22, 2012

Perspective 16/52

Perspective is honestly a tough theme for me and I struggled with it with the Evoking You Project 52. I debated doing my own thing this week because I had done it already but why not push myself? I was taking some pictures of my daughter in the backyard and this one stuck out for a literal and figurative interpretation of 'look beyond what you see' (if any of you have seen Lion King 1 1/2 you might recognize that and get a chuckle, I love that movie :oP). From a new mother's perspective I can look back on all my mom did for my siblings and I and see beyond it all to understand the intense amount of love she felt for us to do all that she did. So with that perspective in mind I hope to live up to such an incredible role model for my own daughter (and future children!) so that when she becomes a parent she will understand how much I am truly in love with her. <3

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