Saturday, May 26, 2012


Before we moved I stocked up on bubbles (smart huh? :oP) hoping Zoey would absolutely love them, and if I'm being honest because I just love bubbles. Well as you can see in these pictures, she was a bit unsure about the whole thing (she's warmed up tons now! and Even trying to blow instead of eating! hehe). But I thought I'd share these with you because it was a sweet father/daughter time and because I was excited about how the editing turned out. I'm still learning and I know posting your watermark on images before truly establishing who you are as an artist can be damaging but I'm having fun with the process, as slow as it may be. Trends change in photography and editing styles are so different that when you see a new one you want to learn it! Well I'm learning but I'm also doing what is my style and what I like :o) I guess I just like you joining me on my journey and showing you who I was and who I am now. :o) Well and the fact that I think my daughter is too adorable to not post everywhere, but I'm REALLY biased :oP

Seriously, baby jeans are simply the cutest!!!

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  1. I am very much enjoying your journey and I love seeing your precious daughter explore and learn about her world.