Saturday, June 2, 2012

Sprinkler Fun!

So we are completely settled in (sorry if I sound like a broken record from previous posts!) and loving El Paso! The owners of our house we are in planted some grass and set up a sprinkler that we have been taking advantage of on all these hot days (102 today!)! I'm trying to get Zoey acclimated to it so she knows of a way to cool down on hot days (Fort Bliss PX area has a fantastic fountain I'd like her to get used to!). She's just not the biggest fan of things squirting/spraying at her. :oP Needless to say It's made for some fun pictures to edit as I learn more and more about all the manual features my camera has to offer. I think I've finally found a setting I love! :o)

While putting her daddy's room together she found his PT belt and put it around her head so I cinched it around her waist for her :o)

Love the reflection pictures :o)

Sucker for eyelashes <3

(Un?)Fortunately we are minutes from an outlet center, with a Disney Store. And swimsuits were on sale. And Rapunzel screamed her name :o)

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