Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Grandparent's Love

This is a bit of a bittersweet entry for me. My Father (In Law) is leaving for a couple years to work halfway across the world so he came to visit us for a weekend. Of course I said "let's take pictures!" And what better place than White Sands at sunset?!?! I hope you enjoy these images, I had a lot of fun taking them and editing them! I know the sun flare is a bit extreme in some of the images but it was very much a subject to be included :o) Gotta love sunshine!

This is one of my favorite <3

And yes, he brought two hats with him :oP Just kidding, I photoshopped a few to have the hat match the shirt :o)

Zoey's GiGi brought this beautiful story written by a family friend about her and her name. Of course she is a princess in this story and we really wanted to capture a few facial expressions to go with the story. Well Z wasn't completely comfortable so back into her blue dress she went :o)

The ballet dancer in me. I wish when someone said 'pose' I could do some fierce model pose as I thought Tyra taught me, but alas, ballet poses it is!

The men being manly men running up the dunes!

Seriously, the things we do to entertain a little one! <3

So this is a bit of a funny story. We spotted this beetle and Zoey's GiGi said 'if she steps on it I will laugh so hard,' thinking never would zoey step on it. Pick it up, maybe, but never step on it. So she followed it along and then 'WHAM' she stepped on it. We all gasped and screamed a little in shock and it upset the poor angel (honestly wasn't sure if the beetle survived)! Luckily the beetle continued on his merry way, in the exact same direction and Zoey got grandpa cuddles and eventually calmed down for the rest of the sunset. But my was that funny :o)


  1. LOVELY, LOVELY photos... honestly - they brought a tear to my eye. The love of this family is SO GREAT - it just shines through in every photo. TY for sharing them w/ us... AND -get that baby a passport... I can tell that Papa will be in NEED of a Zoey fix in short order... N

  2. Great photos and your daughter has piercing eyes... very gorgeous. I hope all is well with you, deployment is treating me well also.