Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Twig Camera

I have been eyeing this beautiful Twig camera for a couple months now (ever since I saw a Laura Winslow post on it) but finally was abel to justify purchasing one when I got my business all set up. It's a brilliant prop for family/children sessions! There is a 'shutter button' that is spring loaded and the front 'lens' of the camera twists to give a child the true effect of focusing/zooming a lens! I anticipated a bit of a heavy type wood but it's just wonderfully light weight and feels sturdy. I hope to add to my stash with a couple more colors and the instagram looking one, but for now I think this is the perfect addition to la morgan photography and Zoey approved! <3

Apparently I do this too much because she knows how to do the self-portrait :oP

Disclaimer: This post is in no way paid for by Twig. When I find products I love I just want to share! <3

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