Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Week 1 - Improving Your Photography

I'm taking part in this blog circle that works to improve your photography in 12 weeks by DSisk Photography. I'm always looking to improve and am really excited about this!

When I saw the first week's theme I knew what I was going to do, shoot with a smaller aperture (larger f-stop number). I've been so focused on trying to get awesome bokeh (nice blurry goodness in the background of images) that I'm totally neglecting making sure my subject is entirely in focus on purpose. I was reading a few reviews on my macro lens where people were saying the sweet spot is around f 5.6-8.0 and it just clicked (well clicked deeper than before) that I need to ensure the whole face of my subject is in focus. I can put the focus selection on the nose of a person, but that face is round and the ears and hair become out of focus. There's more practicing to be had, but I'm sure if I shoot narrower and just pull my subjects further away from the background I can still get that sweet bokeh that is so desired (o:

At a wider aperture I would never have gotten this profile in focus like this!

I forgot to get a landscape image so I will amend my post hopefully in a few days!

Side Note: D Sisk's Shaded Studio Actions were used on these, completely in love with her perfect workflow set!

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  1. Love it Lesley! Your daughter is just darling...and I am so happy you are joining in with the 12 Weeks! I'm doing mine tomorrow...and I am also glad you are loving the Perfect Workflow set!