Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Zoey's Smile. Edition 2

Alrighty! Here is Edition 2 of 'Zoey's Smile!' My goal for this is to bring you a post of all the latest images of Zoey's smile once a week! 

I feel in order to make our souls happy we need to give a little of ourselves to everyone and spread happiness. And when I say give, I'm not talking just money or presents, I mean a kind word, help opening a door, letting someone in in front of you while driving, showing patience, asking how someone is back (I can't tell you how many times people are pleasantly shocked when I do this!), and most of all sharing your smile. So that is my goal, to spread happiness to you through my daughter's smile. It's infectious and ridiculously adorable with this new fake laugh she has so I think it's the perfect medium! <3

She has just discovered how to slide by herself and, my, is it fun!

One of my favs: the kissy face smile!

The daddy-is-the-greatest-in-the-whole-world smile with an appearance by chocolate therapy B&Js.

Yes, she is talking on her shovel like it's a phone, and, no, I'm not ready for that flirting over the phone smile she is giving here!

Oh that smile *melt*

This smile pairs perfectly with the fake laugh thing she is doing now. Target and Hobby Lobby patrons got a good taste of it today!

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