Tuesday, November 30, 2010

“It costs so little to teach a child to love, and so much to teach him to hate.” - Father Flanagan

The symbolic statue of Boys Town. I believe there are at least three versions of this statue around the Boys Town campus. I actually did the tourist thing at Boys Town for the first time when my husband's parents came to town. I learned a bit more about the mini-city and it's founder, Father Flanagan. Most of these images are taken from Father Flanagan's house and the rose garden just outside of the house. The whole campus is beautiful but these are some of my favorite captures of the day.


  1. Beautiful pictures! My dad has donated to Boy's Town since I was an infant, it's such an incredible place, one that I would very much like to visit someday! You had it captured in the very first image of this entry!

  2. i really didnt know much about Boys Town... I mean i knew they helped children with no place to go but actually doing the touristy stuff there was incredible! It is very much worth a day to tour the whole 'town.' Until August you always have a place to stay! :o)