Tuesday, August 23, 2011

During our one night getaway at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel my husband and I snapped a couple portraits of one another with our daughter. These two are some of my favorites.

In the first photo, I placed Zoey in the arms of my husband to wake him up and the two of them just laid there in the morning light looking outside into the atrium. It was one of those sweet moments that I had to capture to remember vividly. I love the peace she feels when she is in one of our arms.

The second photo was while my husband was taking pictures of Zoey and I around the hotel. Zoey wasn't wanting to look at the camera when there was a waterfall nearby. She is so curious about everything around her and will not smile or anything in a new place because she's too interested in her surroundings and absorbing it all. I love watching her mind work, and I love how she influences me to take a second look at things and try to see things the way she does. She is such an incredible presence in my life and I cannot imagine my life before her anymore.

As a side note:
I love this hotel for one main reason: that you can be among so many people and noise but immerse yourself in deep, reflecting thought. We all have things about ourselves that we need to work on and being here allows me to sit among nature, in the perfect temperature and humidity, and just think about how i'm going to get to be that person I want myself, my hubby, my daughter, and my family to be proud of. Not saying they arent already but I'd like to make them more proud. And while things are great right now and it's not a new year (in a sense it is for me now that my hubby came home) I'm going to make a couple resolutions to work on myself, my marriage, and being an exceptional mother to my daughter. As I work on bringing more positivity back into my life I hope it shows in my work that I post for you all to enjoy. :o)

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