Tuesday, August 9, 2011

More Playing with presets!

Okie, so of the things I have noticed when I go about editing mass amounts of photos is the inconsistency with the quality/tone. I have tried the whole select all and edit them the same in the RAW program but not all pictures are in the same light, etc. And then enters presets. Okay so they've been around forever but hey, I just discovered them and it's an exciting time for me! Anything a new mom can use to help expedite the process is absolute gold! Zoey does not like attention taken off her (then again what baby does?) so time for me is a bit difficult to come by. Tweaking the presets actually has helped teach me all the different manipulations in the RAW software I can use! I love how much there is to learn about digital photography.

So here are a few shots I took of Zoey, mostly, smiling for her daddy the day after he got home! I love how quickly they have bonded. And she has gotten used to his voice like mine that she smiles when she hears it even if she cant see him :o) This preset is called candy corn and is taken from this website.


  1. She sure loves her feet!!

  2. I wonder who taught her that! <3 :o) she thanks you!,,,