Sunday, September 25, 2011

Baby Rocker Sesh

Gram's house is amazing, it's definitely one of those homey houses you love to go to to get away. And the room we stay in has this rocker which I was finally able to take advantage of now that Zoey is sitting up on her own a bit more! I know this first shot is overly black and contrasty but something about that I liked with this one :o)

This Vintage Lace black and White preset from Olive Juice Shoppe is my go-to preset! I love the tone and the other images are the same preset with the black and white flipped off and saturation turned down a bit! yaiyee!

Love smiles!

Those big baby blues (color image below) :o) She started grabbing the lace curtain while I was taking her picture :o)

yep, she spotted that fringey dangley thing and trouble ensued!

Through the curtain 

Color images to the black and white ones follow after the jump :o)

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