Monday, November 21, 2011

A Moment to Pause

I love watching my baby figure things out. She's constantly learning. I love giving her toys for that reason!

Like her, I'm learning about photograph all the time. I know majority of my stuff is good because it has meaning mostly to my family, but for the rest I'd love to improve upon my technique, settings, and processing/presentation. Since discovering Olive Juice Shoppe I've been exposed to many new photographers (who usually double as vendors) and through them i'm discovering how to get those wow images; with my limited time as of late I haven't been able to put that to great use much. I hope with our new home though and environment I can find that inspiration like they all do. This current contest I'm trying for (Laura Winslow Contest) has so much inspiration it's enough to make my head spin and get antsy to go photograph! But being without a computer puts a bit of a damper on things.

Anyhoo, I'm probably rambling. Just trying to enjoy these last days before our drive out west and the madness of packing starts! Eek!

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