Thursday, January 5, 2012

Week 1 of The 52 Week Project

In the past year I have become a little more involved with 'like'-ing photography pages on facebook. The few that I started out with grew exponentially and, today, I am overwhelmed with inspiration. So when I saw a couple vendors talking about Evoking You's 52 Week project I decided to jump on board.

I would love to consider myself professional but the fact is I'm a hobbyist and am quite happy with that for now. Creativity has always been an issue with me; in every aspect of my life. In ballet I was always good at seeing the video of a ballet and performing it the same way, much like the failures on American Idol who don't make a song their own. I did eventually learn to experiment with my performances and how I moved my body but it took years of practice and push from inspirational teachers. With this project I hope to branch out with my creative side and hopefully, one day, inspire someone the way all these photographers i've 'liked' on facebook has done for me.

This first week's theme was mirror. There are many things I am grateful for but I had to reflect these two important blessings in my life. One, my husband, who I am so proud of for his service to this country and, more importantly, the way he's evolved into an amazing father and even more amazing, patient husband. And two, the amazing little creature we have created. Every day she smiles I feel more and more blessed, and my feelings for her are more than I can ever express in words. I was warned about how kids will make you feel but you can never understand the intensity until you become a parent. I am blessed beyond words and hope my gratefulness for my family, friends, and opportunities is reflected in my work. <3


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