Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Day In The Life Of The Morgan Girls

Sometimes I'm lucky enough to wake up before the Zo-a-tron and see this incredible sight. But lately when she wakes up before me I'm not waking up to screaming but this sweet voice talking to herself :o)

We start out most days watching Zoey's sign language DVDs that my dad got her. As you can see she snuggles up and reclines against me (occasionally perking up) and Mollie follows and snuggles on her lap. It's a sweet 30 minutes for us and usually sets a wonderful tone for the rest of the day. And while she's absorbing the DVD, I'm taking in a delicious hot chocolate with tons of mini marshmallows because I have an addiction (been having dreams about marshmallows actually, it's quite sad :oP).

My cats have been a bit neglected photography-wise since Zoey came along so I'm focusing on them a little more now :o)

So after a few shot of the cats Zoey decided I was done with them and needed to move onto her :oP And that is when she photobombed a picture of Frenzie. It's then I figure it's best we get out for a little walk.

My favorite walks are when we walk to Starbucks :oP My soy chai tea lattes are my way of getting my calcium and obviously my exercise walking to the bux and dragging a cute little girl behind me! She loves wagon-time!

I even put her in it to transport the groceries the short distance from the van to the door!

After Starbucks time she takes the napkins and tears them to shreds. Correction, napkin, singular :oP

Ocassionally we will get a trip in to the park, usually when I don't go to Starbucks, but sometimes even when we do we will go to the park. I'm hoping with all the standing alone she's doing the park will help get her excited to walk. Not yet but it's been so much fun. She loves the swings and just reclines into me :o)

Then her daddy comes home and she crawls all over the poor exhausted man.

But it gives the cats the opportunity to get their cuddle time in <3

But with the evening comes more play time on the floor and airplane is one of those fun things :o)

And now that she can stand on her own she's been emptying her playskool truck and climbing into it. And as you can see by the picture on the right, she does get stuck :oP

And then come nighttime she plays around for a couple minutes in the crib while I get her nighttime diaper ready and figure out what pajamas she's going to wear for the night. She's normally just watching what I'm doing which is so cute. I love how attentive she is to everything I do. If I'm on my computer she has to type on the keyboard and click on the trackpad. Today in the tub she saw me splash my hand on the water and mimicked it perfectly :o) She's my little angel and just makes every day brighter. We have so much fun! Every smile is incredible and every giggle warms my heart. All of the amazing times completely cancel out my frustrations I may have with her, or not with her. It's just incredible how in love with her I am, and just like yesterday and today, I'm going to love her even more tomorrow <3

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  1. I am far behind with my comments! I seem to use the same old adjectives. Adorable, precious, beautiful, awesome....and yet they all apply to your photography. Your talent and creatity shine through each click of the shutter.
    Glad to meet your cats too!