Sunday, February 5, 2012

Among The Shadows

Evoking You's theme this week for Project 52 was shadows. For this week I really wanted to be original and veer away from my usual baby pictures. My first thought was Zelda. There's a shadow dungeon in the Ocarina of Time and I've been playing the new game lately so it's on my mind. But then I came ot my senses and decided to try something else :oP I've seen some amazing single light portraits and wanted to do that for myself. I curled my hair and got all dolled up. But my favorite of the bunch was just the focus on my hair and slight light behind to show my profile. So here is my attempt at a more artistic self portrait. :o)

Since this weekly project is to work on my creativity I did get a few other images of a shadowy nature so click here to view those :o)

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