Sunday, February 5, 2012

Shadowy Outtakes

This weeks theme for evoking you's project 52 is shadow. I have a few images I would have loved to use but this is about working on the theme and expanding my creativity skills. Oh did this week push me. I discovered that shadows are something that you pretty much have to hunt down and can't create easily. There are exceptions but for the most part, for me, that is what I believe. I have seen self portraits and just portraits in general that use a single light and let the shadows emphasize the subject. After a night of failures the portrait above is from night two. My wonderful husband said it would totally work on a horror movie poster (thanks sweetie!). Okay so maybe Tyra Banks didnt prepare me well to be a model but here is my attempt.

As I was getting my daughter ready for bed I noticed the awesome shadowy-ness of her room from the use of lamps (our house only has three lights built into the ceiling and two of them are in the hallway).

For some odd reason she likes to chew on her crib. I was also practicing my manual skills on my camera so these arent as sharp as I'd like them to be, but I'm getting there!

Yep, this is how desperate I was the first night of shadow pictures. I'm not saying shadow hearts are not awesome, they are! But there are creative ways of doing them and this definitely was not my most creative moment :oP

And my always favorite, pointe shoe pictures. I know the light is in this picture but I love that. It's the shadow maker, it's just as much the subject as the feet :oP

Okay so this is more up the horror poster alley, but I like how haunting black and white can be. I did try smiles and those images look waaaay more creepy, haha, so I thought I'd spare you.

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  1. Those are also some pretty good "outtakes" ;D I'm glad I wasn't the only one stunned on what to do! Love the image you came up with!