Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Valentine's Flowers

The night before Valentine's Day I saw my husband come home after his errands and somehow he still managed to surprise Zoey and I with flowers and teddy bears. I had to get a couple pictures of the beautiful flowers! It also allowed me to work on my manual focusing with my macro lens (which let me tell you is difficult when you need to get your contact prescription updated!). But I had fun playing and always have such a difficult time cutting down how many images I bombard you all with. To me they all bring something different to the table so I can't part with not showing you all the ones I like :o)

This group and the one below depict something I love about manual focusing: when you are focusing on the center of a flower and as you adjust the tips of the petals come into focus! :o)

And of course the wind did not make getting a really sharp image of the stamen easy! eek! :oP

I really like the center of the top image peeking through the petals :o)

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