Saturday, February 25, 2012

"No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted." ~ Aesop [Greek Fable Writer]

This week's theme for evoking you's Project 52 is "Favorite Thing." While I wanted to use my husband and baby for this week's subject I (and my hubby :oP) felt it best to spare you another picture of them :oP Okie well I still used Zoey! hehe...

My favorite thing is portrayed in the Toms shoes she's wearing: Giving. For every pair purchased another pair is donated to a child in need of shoes. Most of us are so used to shoes that we take it for granted and dont realize many dont have shoes in this world. So I greatly respect this company for what they are doing and will be a loyal customer because of that (in spite of the funky sizing! I'm 1-1.5 sizes smaller!).

So small acts of giving I love. My mom taught me that if you have the resources or talent that giving is the best. I'm not even going to begin telling you about all she has done but it's a lot, and affects so many! Every smile on a dancer's face from the professional-level costumes she's made, or the feeling a wounded soldier feels when they received a quilt she's quilted, she did that! Amazing! I guess really that's my favorite thing, the reaction to a gift, namely: the smile and feeling of happiness!

But it doesnt always take money or material things to give. A kind word, opening the door for someone, conversing with someone who just wants to talk, or just listening to someone. As the quote in my subject states, small acts of kindness are never wasted.

I saw this quote also on a wonderful photography blog I adore reading:

I just hope if there's anything my daughter learns from me is kindness and giving :o)

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