Saturday, March 17, 2012

And Another Gorgeous Day In The AZ Desert

As I started typing this I found myself typing out the same thing as the image below says, ha! I must be tired. If you can't tell I'm trying hard to catch you all up on the massive amount of pictures I have been taking this week due to amazing weather! I'm not sure there's much to say about these pictures but she's finally fitting some cute outfits her grandfather bought her in November so I really needed to take advantage of a little photoshoot!

Now that Zoey took those first few steps she is practicing more and more! I loved her checking out her shadow above! She definitely gets fussy with me if I dont get her out to walk enough and I'm proud of her for that!

I just fell in love with this last image. I think she was a bit fussy because her kart (just outside of shot) was stuck on the tall-ish grass and she couldn't push it. But with the squinting eyes, her little poutiness turned into a precious dramatic look! And from a dancer's point of view a rather graceful position! ;o)

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