Saturday, March 17, 2012

Misc Ollie Octopus Pictures!

I have a backlog of photos (if you can't tell with all the updates!) I just want to post for you all and not the time to do it! I see all this inspiration on various pages and get so antsy to shoot that I end up setting up daily photoshoots and becoming overwhelmed with all the images to edit and blog about. I read in another photographers blog about how she stopped looking at other photographer's work online and focused on her own work. I think this is something I need to do. I get so disappointed when my images don't turn out anywhere close to on par with another photographer's work and that's the thing, I'm making unrealistic comparisons. And while I can tell myself until I'm blue in the face not to compare myself to anyone else I'm going to see their work and how they edit and try to emulate that in my own way, for me, and when it goes terribly wrong it puts me in a funk. A wonderful quote I've been seeing a lot of, in relation to comparing is: "Dont compare yourself to anyone else but who you used to be." (Couldn't find an author)

And another thing I read that goes along with me finding who I am as an artist is: "know your equipment." That is what I have been trying to do lately but that just reinforced the notion in my head. I got stuck in aperture mode for so long because it truly is one of the faster ways to capture a fleeting moment with a child, and while I still shoot in that mode for that reason I am really wanting to master my completely manual skills. The images in the updates today on this and my other blog I'll admit aren't the greatest work I have ever done, but it's part of my learning process. The shutter speed as too slow in the images below because I hate upping the ISO on my camera (which produces rather grainy shots. I'm hoping to learn if it's something I need to fix or if I'd eventually have to upgrade to help alleviate those issues). Regardless of what excuse I can come up with, I need to continue learning. I'm finding tutorials on photoshop, on lightroom, and on using my camera. I want to learn it all: natural light, artificial light, vintage edits, clean and crisp wedding edits, portraiture, just everything. It's a lot to learn and maybe learning everything will take quite a bit longer to potentially open a business but I am willing to take the time to get there and work hard in the process.

Okie enough of my current thoughts on my, essentially, mission statement and onto the subject of this particular blog! Zoey has finally figured out how to rock her rocker by herself and just smiles soooo big while she does! I think she is so proud of herself to be doing it on her own also. It's just wonderful and she is so sweet and so smart and so darn beautiful!!! :o) I can't help myself with her, looking at these pictures really makes me want to wake her up and give her kisses. I just love her so much

She saw a cat here :oP She LOVES the cats!

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