Monday, March 5, 2012

Light Leaks

Doing my daily photography check up on facebook I came across this link Rock the Shot shared. I have been using my phone for things like this and have often thought of mimicking it in photoshop but didn't know where to begin. Thankfully this video came along and helped me! More and more I'm learning about the capabilities of photoshop and holy cow are they vast! The first two images I googled light leak images and from there was inspired to create one similar to the ones I saw. I really kinda like how they turned out!

Revisiting this photoshoot with my good friend Kyan and her hubby and baby (at the time! she's gotten so big!) I gave this a different light leak, a more create on the spot one like explained first in the how-to video. I think it came out pretty nice if you like the retro kind of look (which I do!!!) :o)

I have a feeling this new technique is going to be dangerous!! Yaiyee! It also inspires me to work on a project I started back in October for Lightroom but have a feeling it will be best produced in photoshop :o)

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