Monday, March 5, 2012

Take My Hand, I'm A Stranger In Paradise

Week 9 for Evoking You's Project 52 is 'stranger for a day' and again I was feeling quite literal with the theme. The best way to feel like a stranger, I feel, is by going to a small town and usually the coffee shop is the place for locals so you REALLY feel like a stranger. So we headed out to Bisbee (not sure I'd really call it paradise like my subject suggests but the song got stuck in my head) for some antique shopping and 'strangerness.' Luckily every time I have gone here people have been very friendly and not made me feel like an outcast/stranger, then again they are a major tourist town so they are well versed with the unknown :oP

Unfortunately I forgot my Nikon so phone picture it is! It's been one of those weeks where my head has not been where it needed to be. I am learning where I need to go as a mother and wife as things change in our life. Army life is getting more stressful so I'm working on adjusting my hormonal thing and how I handle it so I can help my husband through some very stressful times. And since Zoey turned one she's decided to gain a major brattitude! So me forgetting my camera for the one thing I work on for me every week was just appropriate :oP

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