Saturday, March 31, 2012

Nature 13/52

Ah, I'm getting less creative my titles, so I apologize! I'm currently in the process of moving all my files off my computer, backing them up and transferring them to a network external hard drive. It's a long process that's for sure. I take way too many pictures. That's right, I'm admitting it. My name is Lesley and I'm a picture-a-holic. A part of my anxiety, I think, is how cluttered my computer is with images I will never use and all that clutter is slowing down my computer. At some point I really do need to stop putting stuff on my computer until it's clean. But anyway, that's my excuse as to why my blog posts are sporadic as of late!

Anyway, on to the point of this post, which I'm sure I will veer off of shortly anyway, hehe. The theme for this week for the My Four Hens Project 52, if you can't tell, is Nature! I'm a nature fanatic and being an army brat (and now army wife) I have been exposed to more than the average human has been exposed to. And I'm grateful for that and have gained a great appreciation for nature. This year I got to experience my first desert spring, though where I'm at is lacking a bit in cacti, maybe it's the altitude. But last weekend my husband ran a half marathon in beautiful Oro Valley (Tucson). I'm usually the designated photographer for him, and in between running from location to location I stopped and admired the blooming cacti and desert flowers. I chose the image above for my representation of Nature for this week (even though I think I like the one below a little more with the bokeh in the background) because it's more uniquely desert to me. I honestly did not think I would like it out here. I thought I would be bored without forests and rivers and waterfalls, but I have been pleasantly surprised at all the beauty this place has to offer. It just instills in me further, not to judge before you experience :o)

And for a little more of a personal update and along the lines of running, my husband has been partaking in all these runs and hoped I would join in his passion for running. Well I'm finally getting back to it after 15 years, and at this altitude no less! Getting back in shape is a must for me and I'm so happy my shins (I have shin splints from dancing) have been cooperating! I think it's been very helpful with all that I have going on as I am apparently very stressed. I'm loving the freedom, in spite of the fact that I'm running in circles on a track :oP (again, the track has a ground that's better for my shins), and it's been the perfect me-time that I so desperately need now that I'm never alone (Great post from a fellow photographer "I used to want everything, now i just want to go to the bathroom alone."ha!).

I am loving motherhood though, I truly am. In spite of the post-partum depression, it really has been the ride of my life. I am finally starting to not get upset at everything the way I was and learning to laugh some of Zoey's ridiculous fussiness off a bit. Maybe the hormones are subsiding or maybe I'm coping better but regardless of which ever it is I'm feeling so much better (I do think running is helping as well!). There are so many days though where I want to just jump on this thing and tell you all how much I love this little creature I created, but I then I decide to spend the time in the moment and not escape it :o) She is just so wonderful and so amazing and so full of personality and so smart! I can't get over how smart she is. This is my first time around little people and I feel like that has made things a bit more magical for me with watching her develop. And she's just so darn beautiful. I know I shouldn't focus on looks with her but when she looks up at me with those gorgeous eyes and smiles that incredible, TOOTHY smile I just melt, completely melt. She's starting to mimic more words now too! We say bye bye and wave so she opens and closes her hand and says 'bah-bah'! Just amazing. My hubs and I were patting our chests respectively saying mama or dada trying to see which she'd say and she patted her chest and said bay-bay. Ridiculousness I tell you! I do hope to put the plethora of videos I have of her on my Reasons blog soon (the main cause for my computer slow down!) and share more of her growth and development but for now I just wanted to leave a little update while she's napping (in her crib finally so I can do things!) :o) Being a mother is absolute amazingness and I cherish every moment <3

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  1. Your passion, creativity and talent shines brightly through your photography and blog. I look forward to each post!