Saturday, March 24, 2012

Magical Snow Day

Warning: This post is a long one. I didn't want to take away from the detail of some of these images by putting them together on a blog board :oP Enjoy!

On Monday it snowed here in Arizona. I was in absolute heaven and I think Zoey could sense it was something for her to fall in love with too since mommie was enjoying it so much.  :o) She very much entertained my need for pictures of her out in the snow! Oh she was just wonderful on my magical day! We had the best time that is for sure. I fall in love with her every day but that day I fell harder than usual :o) Must have been the magic of the snow :oP

At this point the snow turned to hail. But eventually returned back to snow soon after. The day was very weird weather-wise. Snow but didn't stick, then hail, then snow that stuck, then sunshine, then more snow that stuck again, then sunshine (evening at that point), then snowed some more at night :oP

We have started to see a little bit of spring around here and here is one little bud afraid to come out and play, and rightfully so! :oP

Our tree in our backyard has started blooming a bit. And looked oh so beautifully Christmas-y!!

A shot of her with some accumulated snow!

The sparkle from the snow melting. Our whole backyard looked like this. Again, magical!

And back inside Frenzie watched the snow fall and swirl in the wind.

Zoey broke into my purse and grabbed what she felt was rightfully hers! haha, a girl after my own heart, and her daddy's paycheck! :oP

After a rare blow out we had a costume change :oP Her daddy got a box so she pushed it around our living room for a while.

And then I put one of her Tangled blankets her daddy got her the other day over her pool and she was in heaven in another princess palace (though that happiness isn't depicted very well in this picture, haha).

Trying to get pictures and she fell and for some odd reason I love how she still looks beautiful mid-fall! Ah, photogenic baby!

She definitely was in model mode though. Ah, those eyes!

And this last shot very much depicts how this little girl is treated (though we try not to let her get away with everything) :oP For all of the pictures if you are in the mood go here :o)

Thank you for taking the time and joining me in a retelling of an amazing day in the life of Zoey and me. :o) I think because starting the week that way we had a wonderful rest of the week! Zoey had her 12 month check up on Tuesday and did amazing! She's small for her age (11 and 13 percentile for weight and height) but doing amazing! We had to get her blood drawn since we live in a house built before 1960 and they like to check for lead poisoning in that situation. I was so scared about that but she was too busy watching the blood shaker thingy to notice the needle going into her! She looked at it and then went back to focusing on the shaker, craziness! Her shots on the other hand broke my heart :o( I hate seeing my baby in pain. When we got home though her daddy picked up the Muppets and we had a wonderfully relaxing evening watching it.

It's just been so nice focusing more on her and getting even more off of facebook. Just catching up on my photography and family lists takes up a ton of time so I have cut off a lot of the photography portion. Not looking at photography everyday has kind of been wonderful. Little doses is manageable for me and my need to create after seeing it; I just feel a bit more at peace rather than antsiness to get to a level I just am not at and need time to get to :o) Plus it's just been more wonderful for Zoey and I. We had fun cleaning and putting away laundry today. She would hand me her diapers to fold and hangers to use for her daddy's clothes. If this is the start of mommie's helper phase I'm excited! I just loved it today and I got so much accomplished!

Like I mentioned before, I seriously just fall more and more in love with this child! She's realizing that she gets some awesome positive reactions when she gives us kisses! At the grocery store yesterday she kept sticking her lips out for more kisses and of course I squeal with glee after every one and sometimes sing a little 'i got Zoey kisses' song so she enjoys the attention. As her daddy was heading to bed early a couple nights ago he said bye bye and waved and she waved back and said bah-bah. Oh and she did it again when he headed out to a group meeting and it just melts our little hearts. She's just so smart and so incredible to us both. I am constantly in awe at how amazing she is and that we created something so perfect! No words will ever be able to describe the joy she has brought to my life <3

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  1. Beautiful collection of a beautiful day. You really don't need many words to describe your shows with each click of your camera.