Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sparkle 12/52

This week's theme for My Four Hens Project 52 is Sparkle.

I am perhaps one of those weird people who loves snow. Takes me to a time when we lived in Washington State and hiked in the woods behind our house and MT. Rainier after a fresh snow fall. White blanketed everything in sight and frozen lakes subtly made their presence known. That, to me, was a fairy tale land I wish I could have made last forever (alas that was my childhood and I was not as into photography at that point otherwise there would be photos galore!).

Moving to AZ one of the negatives in my mind was the lack of snow I'd see. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that we would be right next to mountains with snow on the peaks but more so surprised when we had a winter storm! Snow (!!!!) and wind (grrr!)! So definitely a pro and con, but snow makes up for the wind in my mind, that's for sure. So as the sun came out to melt the snow I looked outside (one rare day where I drew back the curtains!) and saw all the sparkles on the ground. Now I'm a sucker for iridescent and sparkles so this was fun for me to be among all the glitz trying so very hard to capture it's amazing beauty! Nevertheless I hope you enjoy this image as it was taken on an incredibly wonderful day which I will blog more about with the pictures of my daughter I took! :o)

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