Saturday, April 21, 2012


Yaiyee! FINALLY getting Easter pictures up! Between giving Zoey as much time as I have to help her develop and grow, caring for my hubby, maintaining my sanity, and planning a move I haven't had much time to edit pictures and I just keep taking more to add onto my accumulating pile. So finally after a few nights of cutting into my sleep I have finished them and in that batch were these. I tried to set these all up in order from when they were taken to show the discovery of her finding her eggs!

Zoey looks so model-y in the two vertical images in this set! The vertical on the left she has these big pouty lips! ha! THe upper right image she's debating between the egg or a stick she found (with some switching out she finally decided on the egg :oP). Instead of a basket we pushed her cart around for her to collect her eggs :o)

Again upper right you can tell stick won and some more strategic switching of twig vs egg took place :o)

In one egg I placed a mini cupcake I made for a little party we went to at my friend's house. I learned my lesson from the cupcake smash session on Zoey's birthday and didn't put frosting on it :oP She completely loved this cupcake, but what are the odds that she wouldn't love chocolate? :o)

All in all it was a wonderful Easter. Fairly relaxed but busy at the same time with cooking/baking, putting together a quick egg hunt, and heading over to my friend's house for Easter dinner! (Amazing dinner btw!). I must say though, I'm loving doing little traditions for Zoey like the Easter egg hunt! <3

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