Saturday, April 21, 2012

One of Many Wonderful Evenings In Our Backyard

One of many evenings, Zoey and I headed outside. I invited Frenzie to explore also. I've been working on my white balance and using the Kelvin chart from Girl Hearts Camera's blog to help me out. I never realized how inconsistent it's been on 'auto' even if I dont change my environment or anything. I'm also still discovering who I am as a photographer and what my editing style will be. I'm really just enjoying the ride and learning so much more about the software that I have (though I"m completely in love with Photoshop CS6 Beta that I downloaded!). Anyway, back onto the subject of my little girl! Enjoy the images from a typical evening for us!



This is actually one of my favorite pictures. Showing off her flower with that baby belly in the background!!!

I really liked how the flower's shadow fell across her leg.

And leaving you with this one shot of Zoey petting Frenzie, sweetly!

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  1. How wonderful Frenzie hangs out with your little cutie pie!