Saturday, April 21, 2012

Zoey Catch Up Post!

I'm trying so hard to play catch-up with all the pictures I've finally had time to edit and put into blogboards. I take way too many images because every new cute outfit I put on her and she totally rocks I have to photograph. I truly believe in the art of fashion and love to capture it all. So above is this cute little outfit my mom got Zoey and she's finally starting to fit into it! And then she was carrying her purse around and wearing her bangles her auntie Sashie got her! I hope you enjoy the miscellaneous images in this post from the past couple weeks!
Lately Mollie has taken to sitting in Zoey's highchair. Zoey finally has discovered this and giggles when she pets Mollie there :oP Oh I love her giggle!

With a very mobile baby comes moments like this that nearly stop my heart! I know it's not too high off the ground but that's a horrible tile floor to fall onto!

Her great-grandparents sent her a little bunny for Easter and she wouldn't let go of it!

Had to get a shot of the "I <3 Mom" onesie :oP

I honestly cannot remember if I posted this picture but the model-walking pose just melts my heart! :o)

Out of focus but the sheer joy on her face for hugs makes the picture amazing to me!

Frenzie's tail photo-bombed this perfect picture, le sigh. The rest of the pics from this 'session' were of Zoey not wanting kisses so when I thought I got the perfect shot I saw the tail, but regardless I still love it <3

Thirteen dollars at Old Navy and I got this cute 80s inspired skirt and shirt! Didn't realize till we got to the playground that I had 'high-tops' and 80s sunglasses on her too, hehe. With an ensemble like that who couldn't take pictures? She stole my headband at one point :oP

My goodness she's so beautiful!

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  1. Beautiful photos of your precious baby girl.