Friday, May 11, 2012

El Paso Trip!

Zoey and I ventured to El Paso in search of a rental home a couple weeks ago. It was definitely a step out of my comfort zone to travel on my own with the wee one but she was amazing. I could not be more blessed. I didn't take too many pictures with my big camera, as there wasn't much time for me to scout locations, but I did get a couple! These first two were in the hotel room. I was practicing using nature light with manual functions.

That's my little foodie! Holding onto her snacks like there were the last on earth :oP

On our way home, and after driving through a dust storm, we stopped at this awesome rest stop near Dragoon Road, AZ. I wish I could climb on top of that pile of rocks right there to show how the whole landscape is like that! The only downside is while the wind wasn't blowing dust, it was definitely still blowing hard! It got scary as we were leaving. But I snapped a few pictures of Zoey there :o)

I was snapping pictures of her sitting on this rock and all of a sudden she stood up! I got this image quickly as she stood up so quickly but when I realized she was standing I then panicked and took her off of there. If I could only count the number of heart attacks (metaphorically of course :oP) she's giving me, tonight was a doozy though but I wont go into that!

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