Friday, May 11, 2012

Salsa Party in The Canyon

When I was looking for homes in El Paso with my daughter I found this dress for ten dollars at the PX and couldn't pass it up. I put it on her when we got home and could NOT resist taking pictures of her. She looked like a little Chiquita Banana Lady! :oP So armed with a frame I bought a while ago with an idea like this in mind we headed to Huachuca Canyon for some snapshots :o) She definitely was not easy to photograph this day: kept pushing the frame over, throwing her glasses off, and stealing my remote and screaming when I took it away :oP But I got a few adorable photos of her and had fun with the learning experience she once again gave me!

For all of the pictures I took go here :o)

Maybe if I keep pressing this button the glasses with levitate...


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