Saturday, June 2, 2012

My Ham, -er I mean Model! :oP

Again (un?)fortunately we live near an outlet center and I spotted this cuteness in Gymboree and the shorts in Osh Kosh (I'm such a sucker!!!!) and the shoes at Carters. So with every new outfit deserves a photoshoot! We headed to a picnic area on the way to our house (if coming from AZ) and I snapped some shots of my little girl being the most precious thing ever (along with a couple from the stone walls from where we live). She's really been getting her model on and we haven't been watching that much Top Model! :oP

I love this "Heigh-Ho" looking walk picture that I took, even if the focus isn't that great :oP She is just so much fun (when she isn't bratty :oP). We've been having a great time together and look forward to her daddy joining us in the next day!!!! But for now I must bid you all an adieu for Zoey has been entertaining herself and being so patient with me for far too long while I update you all on our life! Thank you so much though for taking the time to visit my blog!!! <3

1 comment:

  1. How could you pass up such cute outfits? I don't think so!
    This last photo (you called her heigh-ho walk) reminded me of a Shirley Temple move!
    Great pics!